CATE 2020



-Feature Film // Friday 7.30pm-9.15pm

"Bad Impulse" , Director: Michelle Danner

In the aftermath of a traumatic event, a suburban husband and father buys a cutting edge home security system, only to find that it slowly destroys that which he most wants to protect. 1h 45m // USA


-Opening Party // Friday 9pm


-Short Block 1 // Saturday 2:00pm - 3:36pm

"The Proper Etiquette For Being Alone", Director: Louis Mansfield

An unusual young man struggles to relate to his friends and abide by social norms until a new neighbor with her own idiosyncrasies moves in down the hall. 8m 35s // USA

"The Most Magnificent Thing" , Director: Arna Selznick

It's a timeless tale about learning through perseverance and hard work, the power of love, and selflessness. 21m 59sm // Canada

"Good Guys do not Look at Explosions", Director:PAULO OLIVEIRA

Couple of secret agents, after breaking into a base in the jungle, are forced into an unusual situation.4m 06s // Brazil

"Four Junkies" , Director: Hayden Croft

A satire about four heroin addicts living in Middle-America and the juxtaposition between the lives of the junkies and the make-believe sitcom audience who is watching them and being entertained by their depravity. 8m // USA

"Wives Of The Skies" , Director:Honey Lauren

Wives of the Skies, set in 1965, stars two stewardesses, Fran and Marcy. Derrick, a British photojournalist interviews them as ‘subjects” for his “documentary film” and they are revealed as very different then Derrick ever hoped for or could possibly have expected. 21m 29sm //

"The Case" , Director: Albert Rudnitsky

A parody of the political situation in Russia based upon the true story of the recent arrest and conviction of an innocent bystander at a demonstration in Moscow. The Case introduces the new Russian super hero - Freddy - No Plastic Man - who fights for justice and to rid the planet of plastic. This short film is one in a series of three, with the other two featuring Freddy's fight against plastic. 17m 54s //Russia

"The Last Cue" , Director:Ecenur Renkmen

In the 1960’s Italy, the first television is introduced to the village. The film is about the puppet shows losing their importance which was the only entertainment of the town. The story is about the villagers’ lives changing as a result and the puppeteer couple losing their job after the introduction of television. 14m 46s // USA-Italy


Documentary // 2pm- 3.19pm

"The Condor & The Eagle" , Director: Sophie & Clement Guerra

Energy companies are actively planning to triple Canadian tar sands (world's largest industrial project) production in the coming years, which would mean “game over” for climate change. Such an increase in production is possible if the planned pipelines are actually built and permitted in the US and Canada. Our four protagonists (the main two characters live in the 2 energy capitals of North America: the tar sands in Canada and Houston in the USA – the 2 other protagonists live in the US: Houston and Oklahoma) live alongside the pipeline routes. The Condor & The Eagle brings to light the major role played by Indigenous women in the build-up of the Environmental Justice Movement.Our film documents the stories of four well-known Native environmental spokespeople who are at the forefront of a perspective shift in the identity of their people, from forgotten voices to powerful and influential leaders. 1h 19m // GERMANY


PANEL - 4.30pm - 5.30pm (Big Stage)

Start with a short film and turn it into a feature film or a television show.

Several filmmakers will discuss the ways to develop their shorts into movies or a series.

*Moderated by Michelle Danner


-Short Block 2 // Saturday 6pm - 7.25pm

"Pulse" , Director: Dani Suzuki

In a couple of years Walte has been living lost in his own. Always guided for aggressive and impulsive attitudes in a sequence of ups and downs within a universe where the right choice is relative. Among his possibilities he believes to have an ingenious idea that might change the course of his life.15m // FRANCE

"Doc24" , Director: Nicholas Danner

A docking officer aboard the Antares Space Station must make a choice when a starship with a hostile alien life form loose aboard asks to dock. 8m // USA

"Mary and Margaret" , Director: Gregory Caruso

A young filmmaker, Mary, contemplates different story ideas, resulting in the appearance of her own fictional character, Margaret. Mary’s dialogue with Margaret takes them to a mysterious abyss where she asks and answers philosophical questions about how to navigate the film industry. 6m 40s // USA

"Widow" , Director: Rachel Econ

Set in the turn of the century west, a retired gunslinger learns treachery runs thicker than blood when she finds her husband murdered. Her brother-in-law mysteriously arrives after her husband's death, taking Sara down the rabbit hole of greed and betrayal as she tries to get justice for the man she loved. 15m 50s // USA

"Let Mercy Come" , Director: Andrew Serban

A disaffected young woman finds the courage to take a stand against a group of white supremacist men who threaten to commit a hate crime against a Syrian refugee. 21m 50s // USA

"Idyll" ,Director: Jayk Gallagher

Four years after a violent argument, Petunia, a young woman recovering from mental health and memory issues, struggles to find the best way to make amends to her ex-fiancé Vera.' 9m 48s //

"Zwart" , Director:Tommie Geraedts

When the slightly naïve Ronnie gives up a tad too much personal information during verification questions on his computer, he receives a fully customised invitation from his OS in return. After accepting the offer his OS takes over his computer, forcing Ronnie to do everything in his power to keep his dark desires a secret for his approaching girlfriend. 7m 19s // HOLLAND

"Men of Vision", Director: Frank Torado

At the turn of the 20th Century, swaggering inventor Hubert Moss is in the midst of a dry spell that threatens to ruin him. Could the young acolyte who shows up at his door be his salvation? 19m //USA


-Short Block -3 // Saturday 6pm- 7.44pm

"Quiet Place Good People" ,Director: Johannes Bachmann

Sybille, a headmistress and politician, is in the middle of an election campaign for municipal council president in her Swiss village when her son is accused by a classmate of mistreating her. Sybille has to choose between morality and career. Either way, her reputation in the community is at stake! 25m // Switzerland

"Delivered - Westlet" , Director:Ahmed Elghatas

What happens to our world when phones and texting take over and we are no more connecting as we were used to be before them? Here's a question to be answered, And a message to be delivered. 10m // USA

"There's No Word for Us" , Director: Jane Rowen, Nora Hawari

Jen and Erik struggle to get through the worst day of their lives - their daughter’s funeral. The grief becomes too much to bear sending Jen over the edge and on the road by herself where she unexpectedly faces what took her daughters life. 18m 02s //

"Letters to God " , Director: Yves Cohen

Since his daughter’s death, Moshe lives alone rejecting his wife whom he blames for this tragedy. In order to get out of his confinement, he accepts a job from the Jerusalem post office, unaware that it is for a very special division: The Department of Letters to God.15m //

"Passing Through" , Director: Maria Capp

A widower finds himself alone in the silence of his monotonous daily routine, and sorrow without his beloved wife. Visiting her grave sight to experience the unknown pathway through heaven and earth, searching for peace as he questions his faith and the afterlife. 10m // USA

"Back to the Wall" , Director: Brian Drillinger

In today's world, trying to move from place to place has become a battle to prove one's integrity. To find your place in this world is an even greater struggle. But it can also appear in an instant, as a magical gift of fate - As Mali struggles to flee her homeland and the abusive men in her life, she fights to be accepted into the land of the free, and serendipitously discovers the feelings she thought she'd never share. 24m 23s // USA


Features - Saturday // 8pm-10pm

"Reach" // 8 pm-9.32pm , Director: Maria Cappricielli

Steven, a suicidal high schooler, finds hope when the new kid in town befriends him on the first day of senior year, changing his life forever. 1h 32m // USA

"Donna" 8.30pm - 10.10pm , Director: Jaret Martino

A young mother's "American Dream" turns into a living nightmare, until she finds the inner strength to listen to a voice she hadn't heard before: her own. 1h 40m// USA


FEBRUARY 23rd - Sunday

-Breakfast 11.30 am

-Short Block -4 // Sunday 10am- 11.06am

"Death Of An Author" , Director: Nicholas Danner

The author of a successful series of detective novels considers killing off the beloved main character his latest and final book in the series. 2m // USA

"Prayer to San Gennaro" , Director: Cristina Buoninfante

A child is very worried about his grandmother, a strong woman with a lively memory, ready to encourage her grandchild's dream. But, suddenly, something no longer works, the grandmother begins not to remember anything and the grandson decides to go to church to address a prayer to San Gennaro. 5m 26s // ITALY

"Diamond Game" , Director: Nolan Trifunovic

Three high school teens have gathered to write a script about a 70s cop show but the fictional characters they have created live in a digital world that requires them to act out the story. As the script takes an unexpected turn, one of the fictional characters begins to question his masters. 9m 51s // USA

"A Quartet Supreme" , Director:Dean Holman

A jazz drummer catches an interest for a girl during his performance at a local club where he then finds himself facing some unreasonable competition. 5m 33s //

"Upside Down" , Director: Salomé Costa

What if the roles were reversed? 2m 58s // FRANCE

"The Friend Zone", Director: Ramone Hamilton

The Friend Zone is a short film about a young student tormented by his classmate. Their friendship turns adversarial resulting in the classmate transforming into a grizzly goon. The film was written and directed by Ramone Hamilton. 6m // USA

"Floatin' The Boat - Episode 1: Life" , Director: Bob Douglass

Frank is tired of his "Life," and can't take losing anymore. It becomes apparent that Frank is being overly dramatic as the life he is talking about only exists in a board game. 3m 07s // USA


Short Block - 5 // Sunday 1pm -2.33pm

"Remember The Voice" , Director:Hernan de Beky

A Los Angeles transplant from Venezuela, who believes that his broken English is an insurmountable hindrance to achieving his own American Dream, is about to give up on his passion for Hollywood when a single defining moment launches his accomplished career as a Spanish-commercial voice actor. REMEMBER THIS VOICE is based on the real life story of Hernán de Béky, who has recorded trailers/promos for over 500 film titles and won multiple Emmy Awards. 8m // USA

"Nancy" , Director:Alana de Freitas

A father struggles to come to terms with his son's coming out. 14m // USA

"Hope" , Director:Kevin Follezou

Yan and Romain travel to the United States to see the launch of the Hope 3 rocket. Romain has organized this trip for his older brother, who has just left the psychiatric hospital. But the journey will be more unexpected than expected. 20m // FRANCE

"Spirit" , Director:Cole Winokur & Nicolas Sato

A mixed martial arts fighter evokes an ominous spirit when struggling to cut twelve pounds the night before his weigh-in. 18m // USA

"Drip" , Director:Jillian Cantwell

A leaking air conditioner drives a Manhattanite to his breaking point, triggering an unthinkable accident that sends him on a hilarious journey across town. 9m // USA

"Coming To Terms " , Director:Gregory Schroeder

After her husband passes away, Beauty recreates his presence using the belongings he left behind. 5m 40s // Albania

"My Shadow" , Director:Evan Kimball Plochmann

An adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's poem of the same name. 3m 47s //

"The Night Comes On" , Director:Candice Vaughn

Two sisters wishing to have each others' lives fight for the attention and love of their mother in a house full of magic, and family secrets. Can they reconcile their differences, and live the lives they were intended to? 14m 35s //


Documentary // 2pm - 3.26pm

"Chasing Mandela's Rainbow", Director: Gary Janks

Life in Mandela's South Africa has been an unrelenting struggle between utopian hope - and painful reality. Three school students, aided by their teachers, want to join the success story this country was meant to become, post-Apartheid. They strive for recognition, dream of their place within a society, meant to work for all. Their dissimilar backgrounds and battles illustrate why Mandela's vision never materialised and is still, a haunting and illusive rainbow. 1h 26m // UK - South Africa


Short Block - 6 // 4pm-5.32pm

"Sunshine Policy " , Director: Angela Koh

An elderly woman from North Korea gets an opportunity through sunshine policy to reunite with her long lost husband who she hasn't seen or spoken to over 50 years. 17m 32s // North Korea

"Tank Man" , Director:Robert Peters

Tank Man is the story of the iconic gentleman who stood in front of and stopped a line of tanks after the Tienanmen Square massacre of June 4, 1989. All that is know of this man are the images that were recorded of his acts. This film is a speculation of what he went through the day he took his courageous steps 30 years ago. 14m 40s // USA

"Triangle " , Director:Cataldo De Palma

Three old friends join for their traditional fishing excursion at the river. The day is marked by carefree jokes, cigarettes and beers until twilight. Once gathered around the campfire, with the moon as accomplice, the chatter escalates into the narration of a legend about an old tower, not far from the camp. The trio ventures in the wood to look for the abandoned tower, both as a joke and a challenge. However, what they find interrupts the laughs and their complicity, exposing secrets and unexpected backstories which were concealed by a seeming great friendship... Can a legend transform into reality? 16m // Italy

"Out Of Touch" , Director:Bobby Murphy

"Out of Touch" is a dystopian drama which plays upon the current political climate, depicting a Los Angeles driven by segregation, ignorance and fear, told through the eyes of two very different mother-daughter figures on opposite sides of the social spectrum. 25m // USA

"Empty Skye" , Director:Wenting Deng & Luke Fisher

A boy and his new friend hunt their village’s last sparrow for a reward to save his sick Grandma during Communist China’s Great Leap Forward (1958-1961). 18m 32s // China


Feature // Sunday // 4pm-5.20pm

"South Central Love" , Director: Christina Cooper

In the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles, the story follows a couple who comes from two different worlds. 1h 20m // USA


Award Ceremony // 6pm


Jury Awards

Best Documentary

Best Feature Film

Best Short

Audience Awards

Best Documentary

Best Feature Film

Best Short

CATE Film Festival Awards

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Writer

Best Director


Edgemar Center for the Arts | 2437 Main Street | Santa Monica, CA 90405

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