CATE 2018



Narrative Feature

Gun // Directed by Sam Upton


Poisoning Paradise // Directed by Keely Brosnan


Mrs. Murphy Confessions // Directed by Ryan Turri


Narrative Feature

Monsoon // Directed by Miguel Duran


Hailing Cesar // Directed by Eduardo Cesar


Bini // Directed by Erblin Nushi


And They Lived // Directed by Javier Espinoza // Produced by Meitar Paz


Best Actor

Sam Upton // Gun

Best Actress

Aimee Carrero // Dylan

Best Director

Miguel Duran // Monsoon

Best Writer 

Rocky Capella & Laurie Lamson // Guitar Man

Friday, November 2nd


Short Block 1

Stuck Directed by Ryan Larkin

Synopsis: A black student struggles with being labeled by others as he attempts to escape a rut.

Straight Lines Directed by Angelica Zuenko

Synopsis: Ann is your typical university student – intelligent, hard working, and goal orientated. That is, until she finds herself in a hard place and looks to other things to cope with her problems. How far is she willing to go to continue her habits?


Rebel Directed by Derek J. Reid

Synopsis: A mixed race playboy has to play super hero to get his billion dollar inheritance, while wearing his families Confederate flag costume.

Stand by Her Directed by Ina Rose Farestad

Synopsis: A short film about a heartbroken girl who runs into her ex-boyfriend in a coffee shop and the friends and strangers that unexpectedly rally behind her.


Father's Sin Directed by Benjamin Gejman

Synopsis: Faced with unemployment, poverty and the imminent threat of the mafia, Adim must keep his family on float and find a way to overcome his demons, although these may not be the ones he imagined.  




Feature Film:

Papa Directed by Dan Israely

Synopsis: A young man's heartwarming journey to find his biological family leads him on a path of self discovery.


Feature Film:

Monsoon Directed by Miguel Duran

Synopsis: Love and grief mix as two best friends struggle to let go of each other after a tragedy.




Pervs Directed by Felicia Michaels

Synopsis: Some of America's most popular comedians get interviewed by a fellow comedian (who's a sex worker on the side), all the while giving them a peepshow they'll never forget. It's a raw and raucous journey through the eyes of a community of artists, who although used to turning over every inner stone, manage to open up even deeper about crippling doubt, poor choices, and self-forgiveness


Saturday, November 3rd



Walking With Reality Directed by Michelle Rebaleati

Synopsis: Evan W. Gadda is a student at the University of Nevada, Reno studying Musical Theatre. The team at One Digital Media within the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center was able to bring a virtual reality experience to him with the hopes to bring this to more people.

Drawn Together: Comics, Diveristy and Stereotypes Directed by Harleen Singh

Synopsis: An insightful, short documentary challenging perspectives and stereotypes


A Place to Call Home Directed by Veronica Garcia

Synopsis: Can a new program change the course of two teens "destined" future of gangs and violence or do their zipcode not determine their future?



Short Block 2 

Skate Directed by Diane Shaher

Synopsis: Neither a linear nor narrative story, this film showcases fun and creative skateboarding visuals.

The Log Directed by Teemu Nikki

Synopsis: A provocative short in which a film director wants frontal nudity, yet the actor has too much to lose.

Visage Directed by Blake Hodges & Jackson Tobiska

Synopsis: This is a short film with a science fiction edge that addresses the topic of limited minority representation in Hollywood films.


Bedtime Story Directed by Kevin Alejandro

Synopsis: A cash-strapped literary agent hatches a plan to turn a lousy writer into a bestselling author

Article 50 Directed by Marcus J. Richardson

Synopsis: A clever and dark comedy that explores how a "Hard Brexit" affects relationships in the imminent future.


Stuck (Original: Hemmige) Directed by Jonas Ulrich 

Synopsis: A shy man rides a train and in front of him sits the girls of his dream. The train breaks down in the tunnel. Is this the perfect situation for him to overcome his shyness?

2055 – A Love Story Directed by Kaspar Synnevag

Synopsis: A unique mockumentary that explores a bizarre and amusing future world.

Mrs. Murphy’s Confession Directed by Ryan Turri

Synopsis: A lonely, devout empty-nester experiences a radical awakening and discovers some unholy truths about longing, love and connection. 


Short Block 3 

SEKUND Directed by Ashley Matkowsky

Synopsis: A heroic story of a band of kids surviving alone in a future, industrial America.


Negron (A Tennis Short) Directed by Eugene Michael Santiago

Synopsis: Sueño takes the first step towards a last shot at greatness, in honor of his father - forcing him to deal with the insecurities of his past.

Bini Directed by Erblin Nushi

Synopsis:  A young boy, thrust into the horrors of war, clings to a piece of candy as he and his family are forced to become refugees.

Do No Harm Directed by Marielle Woods

Synopsis: A combat medic finds himself in a midst of a war much bigger than himself. With the possibility of having to join combat and consequently obliged to kill how does he reconcile between both roles? 

Parts & Labor Directed by Ben Galland 

Synopsis: Greg, a clean and sober vintage motorcycle builder has made truce with his chaotic past but it isn’t until he’s long abandoned son, Tim is released from prison that Greg’s past comes back to haunt him. Father and son are going to have to forgive each other or die trying.  


The Girls Were Doing Nothing Directed by Dekel Berenson

Synopsis: A shy man rides a train and in front of him sits the girls of his dream. The train breaks down in the tunnel. Is this the perfect situation for him to overcome his shyness?



A discussion about raising, financing, securing talent and distribution an indie film in today’s market.

Ryan Donnell Smith, Producer/ Production Manager
Maria Capp, Producer/Writer
Miguel Duran, Director of  Monsoon 
Festival Director Michelle Danner will be moderating the panel.



Sigueme Directed by Michelle Danner

Synopsis: Sigueme follows a young Mexican Transgender Woman on her journey in Los Angeles.

Poisoning Paradise Directed by Keely Brosnan

Synopsis: Discover what’s at stake for Hawaii as activists, scientists, and healthcare professionals expose the effects of environmental injustice on a local population. Join the international debate about pesticides that is raging around the world, as well as the movement to hold corporations and governments accountable for poisoning planet earth.


Short Block 4 

Washed Out Directed by Alice Boucherie 

Synopsis: The story of an abused boy who, through magic and faith, finds freedom from fear.


Dylan Directed by Cory Miller

        Synopsis:A young woman, Maritza, comes home to find her fiance's college buddy, Dylan, preparing an elaborate meal in celebration of their wedding. But as the night unfolds, she slowly begins to suspect that something may be horribly wrong.


To Catch a Mouse Directed by Alex Coleman

Synopsis: A thief posing as an injured civilian seeks refuge in the home of a suburban couple. Little does he know the couple has lured him into a trap of their own.


Smiley’s Directed by Mike James

Synopsis: A mysterious soda machine stocked by a Witch in the woods takes Mitch down a dark rabbit hole he may never return from.

Below Decks Directed by Paul A. Brooks

Synopsis: While attempting to hide from her past, a young woman is forced to confront her demons more than ever before in this short horror, thriller.


Quiver Directed by Shayna Connelly

Synopsis: Quiver melds horror and passion as Suzanne’s grief transcends the boundaries of the natural world and arouses a primordial being.

Last Breath Directed by Ty Jones

Synopsis: A disabled woman's journey of terror after being kidnapped. A horror that will stick with you long after it's short run time.


Feature Film

Asomatous Directed by: Harvey Lowry

Feature Film

Gun Directed by Sam Upton

Synopsis: A stunning story of transformation in which an alcoholic, ex-prizefighter returns to the ring to find redemption for his son.


10 pm

Short Film

And They Lived Directed by Javier Espinoza

Synopsis: Vicky, a young woman, is captivated by her "Flawless" Disney fantasy while dealing with her real-life struggles and her unhappy relationship with Will. Will her fantasy heal her or "kill" her?

Sunday, November 4th



Generation Zapped Directed by Sabine El Gemayel

Synopsis: An important warning for this age about the dangers of wireless technology. A must-see for everyone.



Uncommon Allies Directed by Jon Brick

Synopsis: In 2011, Rosilyn Temple’s son was murdered in his own apartment. He was 26 years old. To this day, his homicide remains unsolved. Uncommon Allies shows how Rosilyn bridging the gap between grieving communities and the police department at every homicide scene in the Kansas City, MO area.


Second Assault Directed by Jillian Corsie & Amy Rosner

Synopsis: In the wake of the “Trump Tapes”, Jill ends 12 years of silence and faces her greatest fears head on, as she confronts the system that failed her.




What America Looks Like Directed by Dennis Myers

Synopsis: Explosive, DC during the first two days of the Trump administration

One October Directed by Rachel Shuman

Synopsis: This is a lyrical portrait of New York City, on the eve of Obama's election. Revealing interviews woven between vivid scenes of eccentric byways together reveal a city—and a nation—at a crossroads.



I Want You to Hear Me: The Kelly Nicole Story Directed by Theresa Holl

Synopsis: The gripping documentary about the late rock prodigy, Kelly Nicole and the philanthropic mission she inspires. This is a musical legacy that confronts the darkest corners of humanity without varnish or apology.


Hailing Cesar Directed by Eduardo Cesar

Synopsis: A moving documentary that tells the story of both Cesar Chavez's great grandson and Cesar Chavez in a novel and impactful way.



Short Block 5 

Until Now Directed by Dana Altman 

Synopsis: A beautiful, true story of loss, love and kindness, unlike any told before.

I Can Fly Directed by Ruwan Heggelman

Synopsis: A magical and sweet comedy in which Sven tempts Lisa to jump on his back so he can prove that he can fly.

Broken Wing Directed by Daniel Monico

Synopsis: The love line between a husband and wife is tested when Alice must decide whether to leave Patrick in the care of professionals, or take him home so they can spend their final days together.


Zoe+Ari Directed by Rachael Meyers

Synopsis: A short drama/ comedy that intersects love and secrets.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Directed by Matt Soson

Synopsis: Two people backpacking through the desert stop to face the reality of a dire situation.

New World Directed by Laura Kaehr

Synopsis: Anna runs away from her tribe and finds out an entire new futuristic world where love breaks all boundaries and limitations. 

The Promise Directed by Ty Jones

Synopsis: A hopeless young man receives a letter from a past friend that takes his life in a whole new direction.

Feature Film

Long Goodbye directed by Christopher Vernale

Synopsis: When reality and fantasy collide, Avery and Matthew are both forced to confront their demons.



Feature Film

Guitar Man Directed by Rocky Capella

Synopsis: An inspiring story of a guitarist impacting the lives of at risk youth and inmates through the power of music.


Feature Film

The Best of All Worlds Directed by Adrian Goiginger 

Synopsis: A kid's true story of his life in the unusual world of his heroin addict mother and their love of each other.